A playoff is a competition format in which certain participants face each other in various phases. The losing opponent is eliminated, while the winning opponent moves to the next phase. It is a very common format for cup tournaments and racket sports, and especially as the final phase of more complex competitions which start with a preliminary phase in league format.

To create a playoff, access the competition, go to the section called “Rankings and Calendar”, and click the “New Playoff” option. You can name the playoff, choose how many teams are going to participate, and determine how many matches the playoff will be the best of.

Once you’re done, click the “Add Teams” option, where you can add all the teams registered for the competition:

Once the teams are added to the playoff and the results of each match are updated, the bracket will move each team to the next phase.

In Options, you can “Draw teams” to create completely random playoffs. If your competition is composed of several groups in a playoff format, remember to repeat the process as many times as necessary for each of the groups. If you want, you can also create them in different formats in order to make the competition format more complex.
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