With LEVERADE, you can personalize and edit your competitions’ match scoring as you wish. Remember that you can create as many criteria as you want, and then apply them to any competition based on your needs. To do this, first go to your account CONFIGURATION, and then to MATCHES:

Next, you should create a match criterion, giving it a name and choosing a sport. You can then set the number of points awarded to teams per match WON, TIED, or LOST, and even those received per period if applicable. Remember that these criteria will be applied to matches that are in PENDING status; if they are finalized, the rankings will not be updated.

You can also check the option to edit the number of points awarded for a specific match:

And finally, you can choose how the final match result will be calculated. It can be done manually, as the sum of the results from the periods you’ve created, as the sum of the periods you’ve created that were won, or have it be equal to the sum of the points earned by each participant.

Both the final and partial results can be calculated based on match events. For example, with soccer, goals will add 1 to the result if you select "Sum of events".

The statistics available for matches are also configured in this section. In addition, you can create a code that will serve as a shortcut in the digital reports app.

Keep in mind that once a match is created with a certain configuration, the periods are created. Therefore, if you change the configuration, the periods are not reconfigured automatically. You would need to erase the calendar and regenerate it so that the matches have the newly established configuration. Once the match configuration has been created, it must be applied to the necessary competition by accessing Competition Configuration. Once the match configuration has been created, you must apply it to the necessary competition. To do this, go to the competition’s configuration:

As you can see, LEVERADE will apply some criteria by default if you don’t choose your own.

Finally, if you want to be able to edit the points per match, you should go to a match and click the “Edit Information” button.

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