To access your competitions, go to the “Manage” section and go to “Competitions”. Once there, you can check competitions that are in progress or in other statuses. In addition, you can use the filters to more easily access a specific list of competitions you’ve created.

If you click “Create Competition”, it takes you to a window where you must enter the name of the competition, the city, and the sport, the most important field which allows you to have all the statistics specific to that sport.

With the competition created, the first step is to go to the competition’s CONFIGURATION. You’ll find most options there, the first of which is for modifying the configuration status: “In Progress”, “Finalized”, or “Canceled”.

In the competition’s Settings, you can edit important details such as the name of the competition, the season in which it will take place, the category, and the gender; apply match configuration (which we already discussed in the General Settings article); and even select the competition’s start and end date, city, or location.

You can also select the days when the matches will be played, and upload a competition poster and description.

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