There are three types of entities that compete in a tournament or league according to the category of the competition and if it's a team or individual activity.

In a soccer tournament, you will have clubs with teams made up of players and other staff. In a race or in a tennis tournament, you will have participants.


Clubs are made up of teams. These teams could be filtered by competition, season or gender of the competition where they are involved.


The teams can have their own personality and compete in an isolated way like what happens in the majority of local and amateur leagues or even as part of a club. A club is made up of different teams depending on the category, age and sex of its members.

All the teams are made up for players and other support staff like trainers, medical personal, and management.

At LEVERADE you can coordinate them all.


The players make up a team or two or more people. A player, in turn, can play on ore than one team, keeping a common history in which all of the competitions he has taken part in appear.


We talk about participants in individual competitions, whether it's a regular league or playoff like in tennis or an individual event like a race. They are a physical person in the case of the players and we differentiate them internally to offer you an appropriate user experience.


It is usually the professional competition teams who have support staff. You will be able to find the following types:

2nd Coach
Physical Therapist
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