If your club’s federation or organization has implemented LEVERADE as a management tool, you can use your club account to easily register teams and players.

When you sign in as a club, you’ll see a page like this one: 

Go to Registration and click “Register Team”.

Once you’ve clicked “Register Team”, you can select the competition in which you want the team to compete. You will then be able to copy a team you’ve previously created, or create a new one.

Once you’ve registered the team, you’ll be taken to the next window, where you can register players and staff (trainers, delegates, doctors, etc.). You can also edit the team’s information, see your players’ statistics, and check your team’s upcoming matches.

Next, you should click the “Register Player” option. This allows you to “Create a new player” to create them from scratch, “Sign player from another club” to request the registration of another club’s player, “Import players from my club” to import players from other teams in your club, and “Import players from Excel, Calc, Access...”, which allows you to import them from a data file in any of these formats.

Once created, you’ll have option to “Send for Review”. If you send it for review it will go to the federation in order to confirm that all the information has been filled out correctly, and move on for its subsequent confirmation. If the federation finds information that is incorrect, it may return it to be corrected.
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