An interzonal or NBA-style tournament is a format that allows you to create different rankings groups in league mode connected by completely or partially shared rankings. We also call it NBA format because it is one of the most famous leagues that uses this format.

If you’d like to create an interzonal tournament on LEVERADE, you must go to a competition (if you’ve already created it). Then follow the steps on how to create a league until you’ve created all the groups that are going to be in the interzone.

Once you’ve created the leagues, go to the “Rankings” tab of the league group where you want the shared statistics to be shown. Then click “Options”>”Configure league” and select the interzonal mode you want to activate.

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Remember that the interzone can be complete or partial, i.e. you can make all teams include the complete (rankings) statistics for their groups of origin, or simply take into account the (rankings) statistics obtained from the matches played in their groups of origin against teams from the interzonal group.
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