Many organizers currently need a format that includes a regular phase where the teams or participants gauge their strengths and can compete against everyone, which comes prior to final phases that determine who will be the competition’s champion.

If you want to create a LEAGUE and PLAYOFF competition in LEVERADE, access the competition (if you’ve already created it; if not, click here to learn how to do so) and start by creating a league (regular phase) in the “Rankings and Calendar” section by clicking “New League/Playoff”. Once there, you can choose the name of the league and the tiebreaking criteria.

Once the league has been created, add the teams registered for the competition. You can add them all at once, or choose the ones you want to include.

Once this is done, you’ll have rankings very similar to the following:

Next, you must create the playoff group, which will be the group where the teams or participants that reach this phase will compete. To do this, start creating the new group by following the steps to create the league-mode group. Go to “Rankings and Calendar”>“New league/playoff”>”New playoff”:

Add the corresponding teams, and you will have completed this format:

Remember that you can edit each team or participant’s position in the bracket manually or by clicking the draw button for a random match distribution:

Also, prior to the start of this phase, you can add text about each position to indicate which team or participant is going to participate in this position. Normally, the position is determined by the position in the rankings from the league group or regular phase. You can see an example in the following image:

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