We differentiate between players and participants as we are talking about tournaments for teams or individuals. The Informaticaand options of management of licenses are the same in both cases.

If you are the tournament organizer, you can delegate information management of the team to the Team Administrator. You will considerably reduce the time needed for management during registration as well as regular competition. Remember that you can see all the modifications made by users in the activity module so that player's personal data can be validated without a team administrator.

Player file

For each person, you can store all kinds of information and documents.

Name and Last Name
License code
Identity document
Date of birth
Equipment size
Extra Information
Insurance expiration
License expiration
State of payment
Physical code


For each player or participant you can:

Assign them the role of captain
Generate player files in a PDF and ID-1
See summary of sanctions
See economic summary
Player and team statistics

How to add players to a team

Once in our competition, we go to the tab “teams” and click on the team that we want.

Once we are at the team screen in question, we click on “add player”. Once we click, we will have to choose "create player" or "import player".

3.1 If we choose the option "create player " we will be creating a new player. Once we enter in this option, we will have to fll in the fields that we want and click on the bottom “add".

3.2 If we select the option "import player " we will have the option of importing players from other tournaments.

- The e-mail is a way for the player to receive an e-mail invitation and to be able to connect with the application to get all the information and notifications from his team and tournament.
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