Although we have a specific section for all referee management which you can view at this link, here we discuss two basic and very important aspects of general setup aimed at referees:


In the REFEREES section, you can choose how far in advance a referee can confirm their availability to be assigned as a referee, as well as defining the different types of referee and the number of referees there will be per match.

Referee availability is a tool that appears when referees log in, which each referee can modify individually. You can learn more about how it works here.

Types of referees are the various roles that a referee can play in a match or event. For example, in soccer, we would have to enter “main”, “linesman” and “fourth official”. In terms of the number of referees, it would be four, since a soccer match usually has a total of four referees. Once entered, they will be saved in order to be used in competitions. We can assign the referees we’re going to appoint different roles in each match.


In CATEGORIES, you can choose how many categories to have within your competition structure. For example: Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Under 19, etc.


In SEASONS, as in the CATEGORIES menu, you must create the season when the competitions will be played. Come here to enter a new season whenever you need to. Remember that this must be added to the competition you’re going to create, or one that has already been created.

The start and end dates mark the precise start and end of the season being created and, when applicable, being added to a competition. This allows you to limit the validity of licenses created in this season, for example. If you want to learn more about licenses, click this link to go to the article on licenses.
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