This section is where you can publish and update all the information that will be included in the public version of your website. Basically, everything you can do from the PUBLISH section. You can generate two types of content here: Static and Dynamic.

The static content is the website structure and elements that can be activated or deactivated (widgets, carousel, social media links). It’s static because it’s not content that changes daily, and it influences the website’s general appearance.

Static content is configured via My domain. The first section is “Personalization”, where you can choose installation settings and templates in order to start editing your website’s appearance. Every template allows for the inclusion of a header image and a background image, at a minimum.

In Sections, you can create new navigation menus with any name, and even group them together. You can also make clicking on a menu redirect users to an external or internal webpage. Section numbers allow you to organize menu placement, from left to right and top to bottom.

Once you click “Add Section”, you’ll be able to edit the section’s name and its position in the website menu.

Choosing the section’s visibility is very important. There are three options: Draft, Visible and Hidden.

- Draft: only you can see it; it’s a section or subsection that isn’t published.

- Visible: everyone can see it; it’s a section that is already published and/or added to a menu.

- Hidden: it can only be seen by people who have the link; it’s a section that is published, but isn’t public for everyone.

As you can see in the screenshot, there are several options, such as adding the section to a menu, inserting links and videos, highlighting words, etc.

In the “Website configuration” section, you can activate or deactivate all of the website’s widgets and elements. You can also add the league’s social media accounts, add or remove images from the carousel (and add a link to the image), include buttons in the secondary menu (a secondary navigation menu like the Valencian skating website has), or include sponsor images in the footer, etc.

It’s also easy to integrate your profiles from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.:

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