Licenses are the basis of registration for any organization that manages competitions. There are two types of “license” or registration for a competition: the kind that a club processes for a team in a competition, and that of the players in the competition itself (who are on a team). In addition, there are two ways to register licenses:

Have personnel from your organization process them directly.
Have authorized personnel with club access request the registration.
In the first case, the process is faster because it doesn’t rely on a third party to confirm the entire process. If you want to know how this works, see the other article on licenses. But in the second, you have to wait for club personnel to take action to be able to process them, and to confirm them when applicable.

CONFIGURATION: it is essential to establish everything necessary for clubs to independently create their teams and players.

First of all, go to the configuration of the competition in question. Once there, select the “Options” menu, where you should select the option “Enable club registration”.

Once this is done, go to the “Requirements” section, where among other things, you can set the cost of each license for players, trainers, doctors and other team staff, as well as the registration fee for teams that register for this competition.

In this same section, you can also determine the minimum and maximum number of players a team must have to be valid, as well as the date range players’ birthdates must comply with and their gender.

Further down in this section, you can also configure the fields that must be filled in by clubs in order to register their teams and players.

You can choose between three options: Optional, Mandatory and Hidden.

- Optional: is information that clubs can choose whether or not to fill in, which will give you more information on their teams and players, but isn’t strictly necessary.

- Mandatory: is information that clubs MUST fill in for the system to allow them to register their teams or players. If they don’t fill in the fields you have marked as mandatory, they won’t be able to register their teams and/or players.

- Hidden: is information that you don’t need the club to fill out in order to continue with the registration, so it won’t appear on the registration form.

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