Ranking criteria are essential, so that in any competition in league format, you can put the teams in the right order based on the rules. With LEVERADE, you have the option to personalize and edit these criteria based on your needs. Remember that you can create as many criteria as you want, and then apply them to the competitions you want. To do this, first go to your account CONFIGURATION, and then to MATCHES.

Next, you should create a match criterion, giving it a name and choosing a sport.

Once created, access the criterion by clicking on it. You must rank each criterion by priority. You can create as many as you need, but keep in mind that the first criterion will be applied first, followed by the second criterion, and so on successively.

Once the criteria have been created, you can access a competition and the rankings they need to be applied to. To do this, go to “Rankings and Calendar” and click “Options” > “Configure League”.

There are always some created by default, but you can choose the ones already created by your organization.
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