Tournament organizer: It is the role that has the most power in LEVERADE. In addition to being able to create tournaments and manage all areas, you can modify any aspect of the competition page such as personalizing, getting Premium plans, or making sections of the web page. More than that, you can give permission to other users to access the la platform as Team Manager, Referee or competition committee. As you can see, it is the most important role of the competition.

Competition committee: The Competition committee is a user with permissions below the Manager of the page but above that of the referees. You can add new referees to the database, create types of referees and even assign them to games. In addition, you can include dates, times and locations of games. This role is the support the work of the Manager of the page controlling aspects directly connected to the face-offs.

Referee: The referee is one of the major pillars that helps improve competition management. This user can be designated by “Manager of the page” or by a member of the "Competition committee" for one or several games. Among his permissions is filling in the digital record of a game from his web access as well as from the application for referees.

Club manager: This user has the most permissions of anyone on a club and, while his access isn't blocked, he will be able to add players, eliminate them and edit data both about the players and the coaching staff itself. In addition, if the Organizer allows teams to include the date and the time of the game, he will be the user responsible for including it when appropriate. All of the changes carried out by a team manager can be checked in the "Activity" tab for control and management if necessary by the Team manager.

Captain: In addition to being able to visually identify who is captain within a team, this designation is allowed in some sports and activates certain options, the appearance of results from the referees app on the part of the user designated as team captain. It's designed for disciplines where the presence of referees isn't common, for example, paddle.

Player: Everything revolves around the players in any competition. They are the beneficiaries of the information displayed on the page and, in addition to having their web access, they have free applications for iOS and Android where they can easily access information of great interest to them: dates, times, game locations, classifications, calender, teams. They can't edit any aspect of the competition, but they will be able to access all the information about the competitions that are public and receive notifications and personalized alerts.

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