LEVERADE offers you the best software infrastructure for managing competitions. An ecosystem of web pages and apps created for each moment and tasks that let you organize and manage your competitions in an efficient way.

Web: the web version of LEVERADE is the real motor of the platform. It can access all the user roles described and carry out all tasks. From team or player management part of the Manager of the page, to the insertion of results by the referees, passing along publicly available information to the players. The web version of LEVERADE includes two areas, the manager and the public view.

Manager: this view is private both for the Manager of the competition page and all the staff that have access (Competition committee, referees and team manager)
Public view: this view is public for any user with access to your competition page. No special permissions are necessary to be able to see information and and the information that the Manager of the competition page wants to show his users and/or players will be published on it.
Web page on your own domain: you can convert your LEVERADE competition page into web page on your own domain. Your "Manager view" will be the same, and, in addition to having the public view of LEVERADE, you'll have a personalized page where you will be able to add sections and extra content.

Apps: LEVERADE has 3 mobile application that connect directly to the management and web publication system. These 3 applications are available on iOS and Android operating systems and downloading them is completely free. However, some of them may only be used if you activate the corresponding plan.

App for the Manager: this application allows access to the "Manager of the page". You can perform some of the tasks on it that the web version allows such as inserting dates, times, game locations, results. Or even the creation of calendars. You can download it here if you have Android or here if you have iOS.
App for the Referee: this application allows access for the referees of a competition. Provided they have received a designation to a game, they will be able to access it, confirm or deny your assistance and fill the record with all the data: final results, partial results, player assistance, individual statistics, observations. You can download it here if you have Android or here if you have iOS.
App for players and fans: this application is the one that gives access to all users who access information about the competitions publicly. You can look for tournaments in any category or discipline and add them to favorites to see the information faster. Players that take part in a competition can even link their LEVERADE profile to their record in a tournament that they are discussing. In this way, they can receive alerts and personalized notifications that affect their team directly. You can download it here if you have Android or here if you have iOS.
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