After the setup is done, we can establish the competition format, which is done in “Classification and Calendar”. Here we can select which competition system our competition will have.

We are going to move onto how to create a regular league and what to bear in mind in these cases. First, we click on “New League/Qualifying Round” and select “New League”. We need to give it a name and establish tie-break criteria.

Once we’ve added the teams to the league, we move on to the calendar section, where we can create all the days manually, automatically or import them. We recommend always using the automatic calendar, since it will generate all the days in a few seconds based on the criteria previously set up.

First we must establish the calendar format, indicating how many times each team will play against the others or the number of matches that each team plays in each day:

Then we set the starting and finishing date and time for game days and their frequency, for example every 7 days, which is the most common.

Finally, we set the duration in days that the teams have to put an end to their local games (in the case where we have introduced it in the competition options).

After this, we have an initial look at how the teams will be matched on the different days so that we can change the order if we want. Finally, we click on “Generate Calendar” to create it.

We’re going to look at how the qualifying round formats are created in LEVERADE. To create one, click on “New League/Qualifying Round” and selection “New Qualifying Round”. We need to give it a name, select the number of teams, indicate how many games will be played in each qualifier and if there will be matches for the third and fourth place.

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