An interzonal tournament - or NBA - is a format that allows the creation of different classification groups among different leagues but which are interconnected by way of a total or partial classification. We also call this an NBA because it is one of the most famous competitions that use this format.

If you wish to create an Interzonal Tournament in LEVERADE, you must first access a competition, provided you have already created one. Next, follow the steps to create a league until you have created all the groups that will make up the Interzone.

Once you have created all the leagues, go to the “Classification” window in the group of the league in which you want to show the common statistics. Next, click on “Options”> “Set up league” and select the Interzone mode that you wish to activate.

Don’t forget that the Interzone can be total or partial. This means that you can either make it so that all the teams include the total classification statistics of their original groups or simply make it that the classification statistics obtained from the matches played in the original groups against the teams of the Interzone group are taken into account.

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