Access the Apple Store or the Play Store and download our arbitrators’ application.

Here you will have the option to access your pending and past matches (as a referee).

Once you’ve accessed the match, you must confirm your availability as well as the players and the staff of each team that’s involved in the match.

Next, you need to fill in the match Record. This is composed of four sections:

  • Result: here you can add the final result of the match, the laps and their results. And if you chose the option “Edit points for laps”, you can edit them in this section.

  • Minute by Minute: here you can add all the incidents that came up during the match and the time they happened.

  • Statistics: in this part, you can consult all the statistics of the players/staff of the teams and also edit them.

  • Observations: in this last part, you can write the details of anything else of note that happened during the match and didn’t fit into the other sections.

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