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Setting up referee and match costs

To set up referee and match costs you need to go to the page of the competition in question and access its menu via “Configuration”>”referee costs”:

You can create two types of financial movements in this screen: income and expenses.

Income: costs that any of the two teams that participate in the competition must pay to our organisation. Normally they are established by the team who is playing locally, but the system lets you do it for either of them, or even divide the total cost of the match between them both. These are inbound costs that we will receive every time a match ends in this competition and it is a fixed cost that does not change. If the fixed costs that you receive per match include different terms, you can create additional movements:

● Referee costs: unlike income, these movements involve a cost to our Organisation and correspond to the cost that we pay for the service given by the referees assigned to a match.

They are also applicable to any of the two teams on the match, but if we have set up an income per match that we are going to receive from any of the teams that play in the match, we don’t need to allocate more expense in this sense.

In this case, we have two different types of costs available:

● Fixed costs: costs applicable to any referee assigned to the match, normally these are fixed, such as “arbitration rights”, and tend to vary according to the competition and the type of referee. This means that the costs of the main referee in a top-tier competition will not be the same as those of a secondary referee in a lower-tier competition.

● Cost per kilometre: the automatic calculating system measures the distance between the referee’s home and the match venue. With this cost, the system automatically calculates the referee’s transport costs for this match. For example, if we set a cost per kilometre of 19 cents and the assigned referee must travel 80km from their home to reach the match venue, the applied cost will be 0.19x160km (there and back) = 30.40€.

● Cost per stretch of km: the cost per stretch of km is an additional cost that can be established when we want to pay the referee the rest of their costs associated with their transport, for example maintenance costs, lodging and food. According to the stretch, you can create specific costs.

With all the income of the match and the referee costs created, the creation of the calendar and the designation of referee to these matches allows us to automatically generate all of these movements.

Remember that from the Designations screen you can validate all the finalised matches whose costs are definitive.

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