Discover how to make transfers or releases of licences between clubs.

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A transfer involves changing the club (original club) of a licence to another club (destination club), either indefinitely or temporarily.

In LEVERADE, an Organiser can enable different types of transfers depending on their needs, but they are all based on the time remaining on the licences, both for the original club and the new club. We currently recognise the following three cases:

  • Change of club: when the license changes from the original club to the destination club for an indefinite period of time,

  • Release: when the license is ceded by the original club to the destination club temporarily, normally coinciding with the duration of the current season.

  • Release - 2nd license: when the license of both the original club and the destination club is active for both clubs.

Making a transfer

To make a transfer, the license you wish to transfer must be in the database. You can never carry out a transfer if the license is not processed by and uploaded into the platform as this would be the creation of a new license. A transfer must always have an original club and a destination club.

Transfers can be solicited by the administrators of a club on their club control panel, accessed via Database>Transfers, as shown in the image below:

By clicking on the button “Request transfer” you can begin the request procedure. The first step is choosing the type:

After choosing the type of transfer, you can search for the license you wish to transfer using various data fields, as shown in the image below:

Once you’ve found the license and confirmed the request, the requesting club must wait for the transfer to be validated.

Validating a transfer

To validate a transfer you must first of all be the Organiser’s global administrator. If not, you won’t have permission to access this section.

First, go to Manage>Validate and click on “Transfers”

In the lower rows you can consult the list of transfers pending approval or rejection, as well as ones that have already been approved or requested by the person in charge of validating this information.

To accept or reject a transfer, click the “Accept” or “Reject” button. If the transfer requires the attachment of a document and the requesting club has included it, you can easily download it by clicking on “See file” for the corresponding transfer.

Don’t forget that you can see the type of transfer requested, the type of license and both the original and destination clubs. In the case of a transfer between clubs from different federations or entities which share a hierarchically superior governing body, the system can also enable these and will display them on the screen.

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