Manage and publish any of your entity’s activities: gatherings, clinics, shows, training sessions and much more.

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We have created the “Agenda” tool to allow you to easily communicate to all the users of your organisation and manage all the daily activities. No matter what type of activity you’re creating, the Agenda allows you to internally manage and communicate everything via your web page.

How it works

The Agenda admin panel allows you to control and store all the activities created for your organisation. You can create any activity and personalise it via the data fields:

The activities of your Agenda can include your own types of activities, you decide which:

The list of Agenda activities lets you organise them by date, season or even by sporting discipline:

The more information you give about the activity, the more control you will have over its management. For example, if you add the sporting discipline or the season, your Agenda can be organised by theme or by date - so make sure to be very clear and exact with the information you put in.

Activities registration

Inside each activity, you can register licenses that allow other people to manage them. This is very useful for submissions or for technical staff that need to help out at certain events.

Publishing activities

Publishing activities on your LEVERADE Agenda couldn’t be simpler. With a few clicks, your activity can be visible to all users and with the Agenda widget, you can make all the events accessible via any part of the web page:

Everything is easier with the Agenda, simply create an activity and let LEVERADE do the rest. The filters included in the public view let the users of your web page access any activity with one click.

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